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"Now I can spend quality time with my family. I have stopped going to wholesale markets for the stock refills, it's all taken care by NumberMall app. I am extremely happy with their service."

Rama Rao
Vasavi Kirana & General Stores

"I helped my parents to shop on NumberMall app, it saves lot of time. It's very easy, simple and efficient, we are extremely happy with the service"

KGN Kirana & General Stores

"We used to depend on the male family members for stock replacements from the wholesale markets. Now with NumberMall we stopped worrying about the stocks, we almost order every alternate day and they deliver in no time"

Rajya Lakshmi
Sri Sai Krupa Kirana & General Stores

"We are able to source fast selling exclusive products from NumberMall with great margins. Whenever we need stocks, we just order on the app without waiting for the brand's sales representatives"

Ayyappa Medical & General Stores

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Ramesh Reddy is able to extend credit to his customers more easily now. NumberMall provided access to credit, through its credit partners for all his purchases.

Kamlesh spends more quality time with his family and friends as all his stock supply purchase needs is now handled by NumberMall.

Kumar is able to organise his business more efficiently now. With more free time now,he is able to pursue his passion of social service activities.

Raju is very happy with the transparent schemes, prices and margins from the brands directly.

Vinay was never served by the company distributors directly. He always depended on wholesalers with low trade margins. NumberMall bridged the gap and gave him access to a wide range of branded products.

Praveen is super happy with the NumberMall service. He now focuses on his political interest n his free time.

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